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New Customer Workflow - Automation Timing

The below table shows the timing and events for a workflow applied to a new customer. You can click the blue underlined links to view the content of each template.

Days from start Event Days between events
0 days

Email: New Customer Alert to staff

Group Email Address: (insert group email here)


3 days

Logic Controlled Email: Welcome Email 


5 days

Schedule Activity for Sales Rep: Send thank you card 

16 days

Schedule Activity for Sales Rep: Call non-paying party to qualify. If account qualifies, enter their data into SalesDrip, send email introducing your company and start the Qualified Lead automation.

20 days

Email: ”1st Shipment Survey Request Email” to customer

Survey: New Customer Satisfaction Survey

Upon completion of survey

Email: Shipment Satisfaction Survey Responder” to customer

Email: Notification of survey completion to sales rep

Schedule Activity for Sales Rep: Review survey results

90 days

Schedule Activity for Sales Rep: Customer Activity Review

180 days

Change customer status: from “New Customer” to “Customer” (automated change)

end End of New Customer Track: (automation starts “Customer” workflow for this contact) end